Easy set for shops

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Eay to order set for shops.





This is an easy-to-order set for shops. With a free set of 5 flowers and shipped for free.

The small paper boxes come with sliding lids.

It contains:

a wooden tray

18 chiffon flowers

18 Dots earrings (gold and silver mix)

2 birdie earrings

2 Polly earrings

2 Raio earrings

5 Gemma earrings

4 bronze earrings with a picture

3 Fibi earrings

2 Sassy earrings with bow

2 necklaces with heart shaped lockets

Only for shops that have a B2B account. Do you want to sign up for an account? Please fill in the form:click here to subscribe.

This set can not be ordered by end customers or shops that don't have an account. Those orders will be cancelled.

Deze set kan niet door particulieren worden besteld of door winkels zonder account. Die bestellingen worden geannuleerd.

Easy set for shops
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